H: 3/29/20 – “The Queens Meet the King”

The first missionaries had heard that King Kamehameha I was a very strong monarch and posed the greatest obstacle to the spreading of Christianity. But just as the missionaries were setting sail from Boston harbor, King Kamehameha I died. But how would the other monarchs of Hawaii respond, especially Queen Ka`ahumanu, Kamehameha’s favorite wife? Queens Kapiolani, Emma, and Liliuokalani. Let the women of God RISE!

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H: 3/8/20: GKH3: “Elisha’s Printing Press”

The ancient Hawaiians only had an oral tradition, so the first missionaries had to  create a written language then teach the ancient Hawaiians how to read and write their own language. It is a truly remarkable achievement of this first team of missionaries to Hawaii!

Key to this endeavor was Elisha Loomis who just happened to bring on board with him an old printing press. This led to a 75% literacy rate second only to Scotland.

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H: 3/1/20: GKH2: “Hiram’s Crew”

The first missionaries to Hawaii were led by Pastor Hiram Bingham and his wife, Sybil. These newlyweds decided to have their honeymoon in Hawaii, but in 1819 this was like saying, “Hey, honey, let’s have our honeymoon in Katmandu.” Where’s that? Now you get the picture. Little did they know their honeymoon would turn into one of the greatest revivals in the history of modern Christian missions.

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H: 2/23/20: GKH1: “Henry’s Heart”

The story of Jesus coming to Hawaii begins in New Haven, Connecticut, where a young Hawaiian man named Henry Opukahaia became an on-fire follower of Christ. He would often speak of returning to Hawaii to share Jesus with his people, but sadly Henry died of Typhus Fever in 1818 at age 26. So with Henry gone how did the Gospel come to Hawaii?

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