M: 3/1/20: GKH2: “Hiram’s Crew”

The first missionaries to Hawaii were led by Pastor Hiram Bingham and his wife, Sybil. These newlyweds decided to have their honeymoon in Hawaii, but in 1819 this was like saying, “Hey, honey, let’s have our honeymoon in Katmandu.” Where’s that? Now you get the picture. Little did they know their honeymoon would turn into one of the greatest revivals in the history of modern Christian missions.

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M: 1/5/20: “2020 Vision”

Week 1: 20/20 VISION

What is the first and foremost question to ask yourself as we begin 2020?

Obviously no one wants to make New Year’s resolutions you have no intention to keep. And although we’re talking about vision, we’re not even trying to figure out our vision for ourselves.

Instead the most pressing question is, “What is GOD’S vision for us?”

If our vision is not a God Thing then it’s not worth pursuing. So how do we like the people of Nehemiah’s day discern God’s vision for our lives? Hint: If it’s God’s will, it’s God’s bill!

“Then God stirred the hearts of the priests and Levites and the leaders of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin to go to Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple of the Lord” (Ezra 1:5).

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