M: 12/1/19: “Joseph: The Family Man”

In week 1 we view the Christmas story through the eyes of Joseph. Today we know him as a loving husband and father but Joseph had problems coming out of the woodwork. Discover what Joseph can teach us about overcoming setbacks in order to experience the miracle of Christmas.

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M:Face to Face 11/24/19: Get Rid of It

Face to Face 4: Get Rid of It
Let’s face it, all of us have reservations when it comes to giving. What if I need this later?
What if I don’t have enough? What difference will my contribution make? What we see
in scripture is that Jesus isn’t concerned with the quantity of our giving but the quality of
our giving. Watch as an unnamed child’s “Face to face” encounter with Jesus leads to a
small sacrifice that becomes one of the greatest miracles ever known.

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M: 10/20/19: “Sheep to Shepherd”

Sheep to Shepherd is a shift from follower to servant leader. In His famous post-resurrection conversation with Peter, Jesus tells Peter three times to “feed My sheep,” in reference to Peter’s shepherding role over the people of God. But wait, Peter himself had to be mentored by Jesus, the Good Shepherd. Peter was once a sheep. Now he is called upon to shepherd.
So in the same way every believer, like Peter, begins as a sheep. But as we continue to be mentored by Jesus, the Good Shepherd, we, like Peter, eventually transform into shepherds. How does this occur? What are the key distinctions between sheep and shepherds?

Do not miss this week’s sermon and find out for yourself!

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H: 10/13/19: “Ask to Listen”

Ask to Listen
Ask to Listen is a shift in posture from asking others to listening to God. We look outside
ourselves for answers–to sermons and books, seeking advisors to tell us exactly what to do.

We worry about missing the will of God for our lives. We read the Bible like a desk refer-
ence as though it should answer our questions. When we make this shift, rather than ask-
ing God or others to answer our questions, we begin to ask the questions God is actually

answering. We let Him speak. We let Him set our agenda. We listen.

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