This year, we again are taking love to the streets in tangible ways. Reach your neighbors, friends, family, and community by sharing God’s love either by meeting a felt need or an act of random kindness. Gather your ohana group, your family, your co-workers and take it to the streets by helping folks with their groceries, writing thanksgiving notes to seniors, and the like.  It’s easy.  Here’s what you need to do to get started:

1) Create your own project below and list it for others to plugin to, or plug into the ones listed below. If creating your own project, describe your project, date of your project, contact information, and number of folks needed. 

2) Have fun, be safe, and be wise as you move in His Spirit to share God’s love in practical ways. 

3) Take pictures of your project in action and post to social media with the tag #LoveOurCity2024 (exactly please).  Share testimonies of the great things God did, revealed and impressed upon you, those who participated, and project recipients.

We look forward to hearing all the great ways God worked through you!

Gallery of #LoveOurCity2023:


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