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When you register you may select from any of these class offerings.  Feel free to choose more than 1 if your schedule permits! The day and start date is provided.

Name Day Time Type Area Campus
Academy Abba's Table GTB-315 Monday Evening Class Other Mililani
Academy Abba's Table GTB-315
Leader: Michael Palompo

Love Jesus, live healthy, lose weight, and save the world.

Instructor:  Pastor Mike Palompo
Mondays, 7-9 pm
Jun 8 - Jul 13
Course No. GTB-315

Other (Mililani)
Academy BA-101 The Basics of the Christian Life Wednesday Evening Class Other Mililani
Academy BA-101 The Basics of the Christian Life
Leader: Earl Morihara

Brand new to following Jesus? Want to strengthen the foundations of your faith? This class was especially designed for you.

Instructor: Pastor Earl Morihara
Wednesdays, 7-8:30 pm
May 27 - Jul 1

Other (Mililani)
Academy BB-201 Celebrate Recovery Monday Evening Class In Wahiawa Mililani
Academy BB-201 Celebrate Recovery
Leader: Lori Shimabukuro

Break the hold of hurts, habits, and hang-ups on your life and overcome these giants through God's Word and Spirit.

Instructor:  Pastor Lori Shimabukuro
Mondays, 6:30-8:30 pm
Jun 1 - Jul 6
Wahiawa Nazarene Church
1805 California Avenue, Wahiawa

In Wahiawa (Mililani)
Academy BB-210 Freedom and Authority Thursday Evening Class At the RISE Center Mililani
Academy BB-210 Freedom and Authority
Leader: Myra Jones

Bronze Basin BB-210 Freedom and Authority through Spiritual Transformation (FAST) Emotional Healing.

Not that emotional healing is FAST (it could be), but rather the Lord's pathway to healing is to understand the "Freedom and Authority" that comes to you from the love of the Father through "Spiritual Transformation."

This course will focus on things that can prevent us from realizing our freedom—freedom from the power of sin (Jesus paid for it on the cross), no longer bound by the law (Jesus fulfilled it), and from exercising our authority—the power over the enemy (Christ is now with us and in us).

Instructors: Cary & Myra Jones
Thursdays, 7-9 pm
NHCO Rise Center, Conference Room
Jun 4 - Jul 9

At the RISE Center (Mililani)
Academy GL-415 How to Communicate God's Word Wednesday Evening Class Other Mililani
Academy GL-415 How to Communicate God's Word
Leader: Mark Palompo

Unlock the "tools" to becoming an effective communicator of the Word.

Instructor: Pastor Mark Palompo
Wednesdays, 7-9 pm
Jun 10 - Jul 15

Other (Mililani)
Academy MS-735 Raising Kingdom Kids Saturday Morning Class Online Mililani
Academy MS-735 Raising Kingdom Kids
Leader: Glenn Rosario

This workshop is for Senior Pastors, Staff Pastors, Children and Youth Leaders, parents, grandparents, aunties, and uncles! What is presented is easily relevant and relatable to children, youth and adults. God has called the rising generation to walk in their powerful callings and authority in Christ…and they need a community of spiritual parents to mentor, encourage, and equip them! These workshops will provide a foundation for discipling and releasing children into more intimacy with the Holy Spirit and into ministry now, alongside adults.

Instructors: Pastors Glenn & Theresa Rosario
Sundays, 11 am - 1 pm
8 Weeks
Jun 7 - Jul 26

Online (Mililani)
Academy MS-747 Celebrate Recovery Leaders Training Tuesday Evening Class Other Mililani
Academy MS-747 Celebrate Recovery Leaders Training
Leader: Lori Shimabukuro

Receive instruction, training, and equipping in one of the most effective ministries for setting people free from hurts, hang-ups, and habits.
Prerequisite: 1 year of Celebrate Recovery

Instructor: Pastor Lori Shimabukuro
Tuesday, 6:30-8:30 pm
Jun 2 - Jul 7

Other (Mililani)
Academy: GTB-301 Journaling the Bible Tuesday Evening Class Other Mililani
Academy: GTB-301 Journaling the Bible
Leader: Laure Adaro

Learn a practical and effective way to journal through all of God's Word in one year.

Instructor:  Laure Adaro
Tuesdays, 7-9 pm
Jun 9 - Jul 14
Course No. GTB-301

Other (Mililani)

Transformation Academy
New Hope Central Oahu

A Message from Dr. Mike Palompo, D.Min.

The Heart of NHCO’s Transformation Academy (formerly known as Transformation Institute)

We realize that we will not be able to address all the critical issues of following Jesus in our weekend services. So what is NHCO’s strategy to help us become fully mature, fruitful disciples of Christ?  The Transformation Academy!  Our academy is based on the Lord’s design for the Temple.  Why?  Because the Temple is God’s revelation on how He wants to dwell within our hearts. Every step of growth can only happen by God’s loving presence and power.  Thankfully, WE are the Temple of His Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 3:16)! So how did God design us to experience His Presence?  Here’s the overall view:

Station 1: Bronze Altar: Salvation.
Station 2: Bronze Basin: Sanctification.
Station 3: Golden Table of Bread: Scripture
Station 4: Golden Lamp: Service in Ministry
Station 5: Golden Altar of Incense: Spirit-Inspired Prayer
Station 6: Ark of the Covenant: Spiritual Leadership
Station 7: Mercy Seat: Great Commission

Each of these stations holds keys to how we carry His presence, hear His voice, and transform into someone who is like Jesus.  You could say our Transformation Academy uses the Temple as a template for how we temple His Spirit!  So buckle your seat belt, pilgrim! We’re going on an odyssey to…

“Deep intimacy with God and wide impact to the world.”

We are also very excited that as of Summer 2018 our NHCO Transformation Academy has become an official bible institute in partnership with Pacific Rim Christian University.

E Komo Mai / Welcome to NHCO’s Transformation Academy!

Dr. Mike Palompo, D.Min.
Director – NHCO Transformation Academy

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