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When you register you may select from any of these class offerings.  Feel free to choose more than 1 if your schedule permits! The day and start date is provided.

Name Day Time Type Area Campus
Academy BA-106: How the Bible Studies YOU Wednesday Evening Class At the HOPE Center
Academy BA-106: How the Bible Studies YOU
Leader: Earl Morihara

This course is designed for a basic understanding of how to understand,
study, apply, and be transformed by the truths of the bible. Key bible interpretation principles will be taught and resources introduced to understand the bible.

A basic understanding of how to study the different styles of writings in the bible will be covered (narratives/stories, letters, prophecies, songs/wisdom writings, etc). S.O.A.P. journaling, a daily bible reading plan will be learned, and basic bible study principles will also be introduced.

At the HOPE Center
Academy BB-201 HOPE Monday Evening Class In Wahiawa
Academy BB-201 HOPE
Leader: Lori Shimabukuro

Allow the Holy Spirit to set you free from your hurts, habits, and hang ups.

Instructor: Pastor Lori Shimabukuro
Mondays, 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Location: The Hope Center
Wahiawa (Across Ace Hardware)

In Wahiawa
Academy GL-425: Automotive Basics Sunday Afternoon Class At the HOPE Center
Academy GL-425: Automotive Basics
Leader: Lance Llanto

Just like Christians need to know the BASICS of the Christian life for us to drive our Christian lives, we need to know the basics of maintaining and caring for our own vehicles. That's why this course is designed for a basic understanding of doing important basic maintenance on your car.

At the HOPE Center
Academy GL-430: Beginning Bass Tuesday Evening Class At the HOPE Center
Academy GL-430: Beginning Bass
Leader: Glenn Rosario

Have you always wanted to creatively express devotion unto God through music? Perhaps you have a desire to be a member of the praise and worship team? Maybe you feel a bit overwhelmed flipping through music books and scrolling through countless instructional videos? Maybe you thought, "how do I begin?" Your journey begins here. Different people learn different things differently, but with desire, discipline and determination, you can open up a musical world that is fun to explore.

This 6 week course is designed to give you the foundational building blocks in order to start you on your journey to perform either as a soloist or as a member of a group. Each student will be assessed individually and sessions will be tailored to their unique abilities.

At the HOPE Center
Academy GTB-355 Jesus Prophecies Thursday Evening Class Online
Academy GTB-355 Jesus Prophecies
Leader: Alan Yamashiro

Jesus Prophecies: A journey of discovery of Old Testament prophecies about Jesus that were fulfilled.

Come journey with us as we discover the Old Testament prophecies about Jesus that were fulfilled. We will cover prophecies and books in the Old Testament that point to Jesus as the Messiah, God become flesh and New Testament verses that show its fulfillment. We will look at the prophecies in the order of the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) in each of the three sections of the Tanakh. 1) Torah (The Five Books of Moses), 2) Nevi'im (The Prophets) and, 3) Kethuvim (The Writings).


Transformation Academy
New Hope Central Oahu

A Message from Dr. Mike Palompo, D.Min.

The Heart of NHCO’s Transformation Academy (formerly known as Transformation Institute)

We realize that we will not be able to address all the critical issues of following Jesus in our weekend services. So what is NHCO’s strategy to help us become fully mature, fruitful disciples of Christ?  The Transformation Academy!  Our academy is based on the Lord’s design for the Temple.  Why?  Because the Temple is God’s revelation on how He wants to dwell within our hearts. Every step of growth can only happen by God’s loving presence and power.  Thankfully, WE are the Temple of His Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 3:16)! So how did God design us to experience His Presence?  Here’s the overall view:

Station 1: Bronze Altar: Salvation.
Station 2: Bronze Basin: Sanctification.
Station 3: Golden Table of Bread: Scripture
Station 4: Golden Lamp: Service in Ministry
Station 5: Golden Altar of Incense: Spirit-Inspired Prayer
Station 6: Ark of the Covenant: Spiritual Leadership
Station 7: Mercy Seat: Great Commission

Each of these stations holds keys to how we carry His presence, hear His voice, and transform into someone who is like Jesus.  You could say our Transformation Academy uses the Temple as a template for how we temple His Spirit!  So buckle your seat belt, pilgrim! We’re going on an odyssey to…

“Deep intimacy with God and wide impact to the world.”

E Komo Mai / Welcome to NHCO’s Transformation Academy!

Dr. Mike Palompo, D.Min.
Director – NHCO Transformation Academy

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