Tea with Pastor T – Episode 1 – 4/9/20

Pastor Theresa sits down with us to explain how she learned the value of solitude.

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  1. Madeleine Alicar

    Thank you Pastor Theresa for your vlog on the value of solitude! I agree with you on our need to have a time to be alone with God. It’s alright that we practice “social distancing” with people, but not with God; we need His peace and guidance, especially in this season that we are in, and it is in the time of solitude—an alone time with the Lord– that we can be refreshed and strengthened, amid the chaos. And what a comfort to know that God does not “distance” Himself from us… despite of our shortcomings. Now since the title of your vlog is Tea with Pastor T…. I decided to have a “T” word, a takeway from your vlog. And that is: “TIME” with God.

  2. Theresa Rosario

    @Madeleine Alicar. That is awesome Madeline! No social distancing from God! It reminds me of how Adam and Eve tried to hide form the Father when they fell to sin. And isn’t funny how we often do that as well. Instead of running from God we must always run to Him cuz as you said “we need HIS peace and guidance” to “be refreshed and strengthened”. Maybe you’ll think of another “T” word from my next vlog? How exciting. Love leaning into the Lord with You!

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