M: 4/19/20 – WGSU: “Answer the Call”

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Week 2: When God Shows Up: “Answer the Call”

Alice in Wonderland, The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars–In every story there’s the moment where our hero needs to make the biggest decision of his life–go back to his normal life (blue pill) or answer “The Call to Adventure.”

Speaker Notes: (Psalm 139:16) At His baptism Jesus immerses Himself in our humanity in order to create a perfect union between humanity and God. He shows us that the deepest longing of our souls is not independence, but interdependence; not to consume but to be consumed. How does embracing Jesus lead us to a revelation of God’s original intent for our lives?

Ohana Group: When God shows up, He will be revealed in the “God-I-You.” What is this? We will die to our “self-speak” and begin to live from “God-speak.”

Questions for Meditation & Discussion

1. By faith what did God say to you today?

2. What is the difference between “self-speak” and “God-speak?”

3. Describe a moment by faith you believe God was calling you to do something.

4. Why is “God-speak” important to answering God’s call?

5. In your life what does it look like to “follow Jesus so He can transform you to become a fisher of men?

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