1/21/24 8am “The ABCDEs of Abiding: Who are you Yoked to?”

You are listening to:1/21/24 8am “The ABCDEs of Abiding: Who are you Yoked to?”
Pastor Earl

Join us this weekend, January 20-21, for Week 3 of our sermon series with Pastor Earl called “Abide.”
This time, we’re digging into “The ABCDEs of Abiding: Who are you Yoked to?” We’ll be talking about another powerful picture of abiding with Jesus, Jesus’ Yoke and how it helps us stay close to Him.
This isn’t just a Sunday thing – we’re focusing on making your abiding part of your Mondays too.
The sermon will give you practical tips on becoming a solid follower of Christ in all aspects of your life.
It’s not just deep stuff; it’s also going to be an engaging and enjoyable message.
Join us and get yoked up with other abiders who are on the same journey of deepening their relationship with Christ.
Don’t miss out!

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