H: 10/20/19: “Sheep to Shepherd”

Sheep to Shepherd is a shift from follower to servant leader. In His famous post-resurrection

conversation with Peter, Jesus tells Peter three times to “feed My sheep,” in reference to Pe-
ter’s shepherding role over the people of God. But wait, Peter himself had to be mentored

by Jesus, the Good Shepherd. Peter was once a sheep. Now he is called upon to shepherd.
So in the same way every believer, like Peter, begins as a sheep. But as we continue to be

mentored by Jesus, the Good Shepherd, we, like Peter, eventually transform into shep-
herds. How does this occur? What are the key distinctions between sheep and shepherds?

Do not miss this week’s sermon and find out for yourself!

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H: 10/6/19: “Consumer to Steward”

Consumer to Steward is a shift in ownership from acquiring things for ourselves to offering what we have to God and others. Our souls may be saved, but we are still consumers. We complain about our salaries, fatten our pensions, stockpile more than we can use, and then want more. But as we respond to the Father, He transforms us into stewards who see all we have is only borrowed from God. We will become less attached to things and more gener- ous. We no longer measure life in terms of how much we get, but rather how much we give.

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H: 9/29/19: “Seen to Unseen”

Seen to Unseen is a shift in values from embracing things that are temporary to those that are eternal. We are born into a tangible world that we can touch, smell, see, and feel. But right next to our heads–as close as the air we breathe–is a Kingdom that is eternal and invis- ible. Over time God will teach us how to see a Kingdom that, although invisible, is ap- proaching with unnerving speed. God wants us to learn to see now what we will have no problem seeing after we are in Heaven. Things we once considered unimportant will have a new urgency, and things we once valued might become more trivial.

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