Mission to Thailand and Vietnam

Dear brothers n sisters ,
Thank you very much for your prayers and generous support of my mission to Thailand and Vietnam last month!  Your prayers and finances played a major role in this harvest !!
I am deeply grateful for each one of you and I pray ABBA’s abundance in your lives in Jesus’ Name!
Just received this beautiful 4 minute
video from our team leaders from Calvary Assembly, P Aaron Tsang and Amy Leong. What an amazing journey God took us through in 2 weeks in July!!  Be blessed as you watch and be challenged to pray for God’s work in Omkoi, Mae Pog, and Danang!!
The first week we were in the remote village of Omkoi with our hosts,
Pastor Loy Poh and his son, P Noah.

We did much PRAYING:
1. With the pastors  of 5 Karens churches in Omkoi and Mae Pog for the people and the land.  30 years ago, there were no Christian Churches in Omkoi; today there are 62+ churches almost all built by the people with bricks they made themselves!  Pray against opposition these churches face from the Buddhist churches.
2. With children and youth at the Children’s Homes  next to the Karens
Bible College;  all the children more than a hundred fifty came up for prayer after Sue and I shared our testimonies and Pastor Aaron gave a message.  We (14 of us)prayed blessing and ABBA’s Love upon children (without the benefit of translators, Only the Holy Spirit)
3. With Pastor Kit (23 years old ) in the mountain church of Mae Pog;
with the elementary children he teaches for 2weeks when the government teaches do not come up to this remote  mountain village.
Prayed over land where Education Center will be built. Pray for funds.
4.  Prayed for healing for villagers at our Evangelistic/Healing service and many were healed. Praise God!
Words of Knowledge for healing!
Glory to God!!
5. With Pastor Akum and P Noah who are building with their own hands a Cafe/Community Center next to P Noah’s auto business in the town area of Omkoi to draw in young people who do not go to church in Omkoi. Roof just went up last week.
Hallelujah!  Glory to God!!
6.  Prayed healing for people of Pastor Loy Poh’s  Church on Sunday morning!  Many were touched and healed, including woman with lower back pain and one leg shorter grew out as Sister Betty and I prayed for her. Hallelujah!
7.  Pray for funds to support Karens Bible College as they train n prepare pastors, young men with God’s fire in them, to take the gospel to the unreached village people in the mountains of Omkoi n Mae Pog and beyond!!

The second week, Paul and Deborah Hilton hosted us in Danang, a city in Communist-ruled country of Vietnam.
Again we did much PRAYING because we could not outwardly share the Gospel there.
1.  With the Hiltons and their daughter, Belinda’s children.
2.  For the Celebration of Life Party for the children ages 2-17 who had heart surgery a year ago.  The children n their families came to party and we all had a great time. Rene did face painting and I did fishpond. The Hilton’s raised funds to pay for these surgeries through World Relief Organization.
3.  For the people and land of Danang/Vietnam for healing and freedom, physical n spiritual.
4.  For young people as we participated in English conversations at Cafe and Pizza Place.  Of course, we were not allowed to speak of God
because Communist government prohibits such.
5.  For the Hilton’s church, Danang International Fellowship DIF.  For the people who come for dinner on alternate Sunday evenings at the home of Hilton’s to engage with not yet believers. Pray for this fellowship dinners to be fruitful.
6. For the Government Kindergarten School Program where we taught Lessons on Character , Safety and Sanitation/handwashing.  Pray for continued favor between Hiltons and
Government in this Outreach.

News flash !!  News flash!!
Calvary Assembly is planning to bring
Pastor Loy Poh and his son , P Noah to Hawaii for their Nov. 2-4 Missions Conference!  Wow o Wow!!

Glory Hallelujah for all the great things God has done through this team of 10 from Hawaii and 4 from Hong Kong and China!!
Praises and more praises!!

Thank you all again for your prayers and financial support of this mission trip that Abba called me to!
Sawadeka!!  and Shalom,

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