W: WGSU6: “Success vs. Failure”

When God shows up success has more to do with staying (abiding) in a vital, real connection with Him than ministry performance, moral perfection, religious observations, even Bible knowledge. How many of us know you can say the “right” thing but still be totally wrong because of the way you said it! Or you can know a lot of Bible but still live a fruitless Christian life. A Christian can appear to “fail” but in reality be a huge “success” in the eyes of the Father.

Exhibit A: The death of Jesus on the cross. So how does God define a “successful” Spiritual life versus one that is a “failure?” The answer may not be what you assume.

Speaker Notes: Romans 8: Spirit vs. Flesh. How do we live from the Father’s speech, rather than “self-speak?” How can I tell if I am succeeding or failing in my personal Spiritual life? What does “success” look like? What does “failure” look like? What do I do if I have an area of my life (thought life, addictions, language, a relationship) that is a stronghold, and I feel like a failure? I tell myself I can’t do it. I condemn myself. How does the Father feel about this? How does He address this in our lives?

Ohana Group: Remember that real “success” in our Christian lives means we live in vital union with God now through Jesus. So now we have a true heart to respond in love to the reality of His Presence being revealed to us on a daily basis. True freedom does not begin with you exercising “strong willpower” to live in “perfect obedience” to the laws of God.

If you could do that you wouldn’t need Jesus. Many Christians today live lives so good and perfect, they don’t need God!That’s the definition of a “failed” Christian life. Instead our heart is to respond by faith to the promptings of the Spirit to do God Things that could only be accomplished by the God of the impossible!

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