2/14/21 – “The War for One”

As soon as we step out in obedience to God to become one, we are immediately met with heavy opposition from an enemy who is literally hell-bent to steal, kill, destroy, and divide. In this final message, God calls us to armor up, take up the Sword of the Spirit, and prepare for the fight of your life in THE WAR FOR ONE.

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M: WGSU6: “Success vs. Failure”

When God shows up success has more to do with staying (abiding) in a vital, real connection with Him than ministry performance, moral perfection, religious observations, even Bible knowledge. How many of us know you can say the “right” thing but still be totally wrong because of the way you said it! Or you can know a lot of Bible but still live a fruitless Christian life. A Christian can appear to “fail” but in reality be a huge “success” in the eyes of the Father.

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