W: 10/18/20: Chosen2: “When Religion Can’t, Relationship Can”

You are listening to:W: 10/18/20: Chosen2: “When Religion Can’t, Relationship Can”

Some often find themselves frustrated, trapped, and in bondage not knowing what they can do to be set free. They’ve tried doing the church thing even seeking out religious leaders for help but are still left wanting. This week we look at the story of Mary Magdalene and learn when religion doesn’t work relationship will.

Discussion Questions:

  • 1.  What is the difference between faith in religion and faith in relationship?
  • 2.  Is there any thing in your life where maybe you were believing religion to help fix or overcome? How can a relationship with Jesus bring breakthrough for you in this area. What would breakthrough look like for you?
  • 3. What can you do to foster a growing relationship with Jesus?
  • 4. If you could stand before Christ in this moment what would you say to Him? What would he say to you?
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