M: Chosen 5: “The Wedding Gift”

Imagine you are at a fork in the road of life. There are many such forks: What if you married a different person? Chose a different career? Lived in a different state? Each choice determines how your life will play out — a “point of no return,” especially when it comes to God. “Point of No Return”… this week as our Chosen series continues.


  • 1. By faith what did the Lord say to you in this message?
  • 2. When have you made critical decisions that affected the direction of your life?
  • 3. How did making that one decision set in motion a series of choices?
  • 4. What is the significance of Jesus’ miracle at the wedding of Cana?
  • 5. From “The Chosen Ep. 5,” explain the significance of the conversation between Thaddeus and Mary Magdala.
  • 6. How is the decision to follow Jesus similar to the decision Jesus made at Cana? How certain do you need to be before becoming a follower of Christ?
  • 7. If you’re not a follower of Christ yet, what is holding you back?
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