H: WGSU5: “Get in the Game”

“When God Shows Up” is New Hope Central Oahu’s highest core value.  NHCO has many settings where God shows up:  Weekend Services, Transformation Academy classes, Ministry Groups, and Ohana Groups.  Some choose to stay in the weekend services crowd to hear Jesus from afar to get an inspirational or informative message.  

Eventually Jesus calls people from out of the crowd and into community where Jesus spiritually transforms his followers from up close and personal.  Crowds are fine, but Jesus desires community!  

Using a sport’s analogy, one may start out as spectators at the big game, but Jesus is looking for more than just spectators.  He wants players who he’ll call out by name to come out of the stands, become part of His team, and get into the game to experience the joy of winning and never be the same again.  

Ohana Group:  If encounters with our life coach Jesus is what actually transforms us, what is NHCO’s plan for us to experience more of God’s presence?  Questions for Discussion and Self-Reflection:

1.  What has been your journey to getting into the crowd?  

2.  Has Jesus called you out of the crowd and into his community?  What are the differences in those two settings?  

3.  Read Mark 3:7 – 19.  When Jesus called out his disciples, what did He specifically call them to do in verse 14 – 15.  

4.  Do you hear God calling you out to another setting of spiritual transformation where He can show up more in your life?  If so, how can you respond today?

5.  God frequently uses his players to call people out of the crowd and into community.  Who has God highlighted in the crowd for you to call out?

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