5/30/21 – “God’s 5G Plan for Parents”

You are listening to:5/30/21 – “God’s 5G Plan for Parents”

Today’s Christian parents face obstacles to raising godly children like no other previous generation. Social media, rampant immorality, unbridled temptations on the internet, and more channels and streaming services than at any other moment in history.

Is there hope for parents in the 21st century?

This week we will discover God’s strategy for parenting that has withstood the challenges of every generation. By using God’s strategy for parents, the people of God have withstood wars, famine, exile, even the worst persecution imaginable in the past. And it is the reason that today’s godly parents will leave a remarkable legacy for future generations to come until Christ returns.

What is this strategy? Join us as we discover “God’s 5G Plan for Parents.”

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