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W: 10/25/20: Chosen3 – “Jesus Loves the Little Children”

We know from the gospels, Jesus loved children and valued spending time with them. Where some might view children as powerless, underdeveloped and weak, God has made it abundantly clear that children play significant roles in kingdom building. This week we’ll look into the power of a child’s praise and how believers, regardless of age, are encouraged to adopt the heart and mind of a child.

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4/4/21 Easter Sunday “The Way”

Today, people believe there are many ways to believe, many ways to live, and ways to go. But when it comes to following Him, Jesus said, He is “The Way, The Truth, and The Life”.

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1/24/21: “The One World”

God alluded to a mystery that was revealed. This was God’s secret plan for all peoples that has now become known. What is God’s mysterious secret plan for mankind? Listen closely to this week’s message as we talk about God’s unstoppable, prophetic plan for all humanity.

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