Today: “Kingdom Man”

How would you describe the spiritual climate in your home?   In this Father’s Day weekend message, let’s see what we can do to bring God’s Kingdom Culture into our homes,… to be a thermostat not just a thermometer!  Join us as we learn to live out Key Kingdom climate controls to apply in our homes, in this message entitled, “A Kingdom Man”

In this Father’s Day 2020 message, the question is what defines manliness or masculinity in God’s Kingdom Culture? The stereotypical ideal in America is of a self-made man, dependent on ones inner fortitude to be in control of his world. Strength, confidence, assertiveness, and independence are the markers of this man. God’s Kingdom culture manliness is quite different. Yes, there is strength, confidence, and assertiveness, but instead of independence, there is a marked dependence on God. It’s a Kingdom culture trait of the releasing of control to God and his ways. Like the loss of control over his world of the first man, Adam, men today, have a great fear of not being in control and having it all together. And that fear shows up in many unhealthy ways, especially when one loses control and is not able to keep it all together. Can you relate men? In this message, we’ll look at how the Kingdom culture man releases that need of control to God. The result is a new form of manliness, humility, that blesses God and all those around that man.

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