M: WGSU8: “Save The World”

We will be transformed or we will be transmitted. If we do not live from the “God-I-You” then we will “inflict” ourselves on the people we love. Life from “self-speak” is life from “severed self.” And the severed self severs. It treats people like “things” not persons. It severs marriages. It severs parents and children. It severs friendships. The “severed self” only knows how to sever. But “transformed lives transform lives.” And since we know we cannot transform ourselves, a transformed life is evidence of “when God shows up.”

Questions for Meditation & Discussion

1. By faith how would you summarize what the Lord said to you in this message?

2. What is the big 75th anniversary the world is celebrating this year?

3. Why is Pastor Mike standing in front of the USS Missouri which is right by the Arizona Memorial?

4. How would you summarize all the weekly messages of our “When God Shows Up” series? See if you can do this by telling a “story,” using yourself as the “hero” of the story. For example, “Once upon a time God showed up in my life at an Easter service years ago; called me to a totally different purpose I never imagined for myself; set me free from this crazy lifestyle I used to live so I could bond with Him; gave me a mentor at NHCO who, etc.”

5. Why is living a double-minded life toxic to our brains?

6. Explain the phrase, “Transformed lives transform lives.” Discuss.

7. What does this phrase mean: “Untransformed lives transmit lies?”

8. What is God’s greatest commandment that pretty much summarizes all of God’s will for us?

9. Explain “GOD – I – YOU” and  what it has to do with the greatest commandment.

10. Why is it critical that I receive Christ’s love for me (and live in connection with Him) before I try to relate to others?

11. What is the “severed self” and how does that affect my relationship with others?

12. How did God create the universe and what does that have to do with how I speak (to myself and others)?

13. What is Pentecost and why is that important to believers? What happened as a result of Pentecost?

14. How and why did Pastor Mike tie this message in with the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II?

15. What is TOTALITARIANISM? How is totalitarianism related to the Japanese Empire, Nazi Germany, and the Fascist Party of Italy? What is the underlying spiritual root of totalitarianism?

16. Although the totalitarian enemies of freedom were defeated in World War II, does totalitarianism still exist today? Where? Can you identify the totalitarians in America today?

17. What can you do about the rise of socialism/communism in America today?

18. Do you believe the Christian Church should address this or remain silent? Explain.

19. Before World War II the Christian Church in Germany chose to be silent. In hindsight what do you think they wished they had done?

20. How do you think our Church can have civil, Spiritual, “God-I-You” conversations about this and avoid division between Christians so we can learn from the vital lessons of World War II?

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