8/21/21 5pm – “One New World Coming “

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Week 1 – One New World Coming Sr. Mike Palompo August 21-22 Did you hear the one about the guy who tried to bring his gold into heaven? When he got there, an angel asked St. Peter what the man had in his bag. St. Peter replied, “Pavement”.

Often times, the things we value in this life hold little to no value in the next. Even our best attempt to understand the life to come may prove feeble (St. Augustine, “I have seen the Lord…everything I have written is straw.”) God tells us what is in store for this world, (Eph. 3:3;1:9-10).

What are you betting your life on? Noah believed a flood was coming so he waterproofed his life. God promised never to flood the earth again. So what are we preparing for?

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