4/21/24 10am “How Community Brings Healing”

You are listening to:4/21/24 10am “How Community Brings Healing”
Pastor Lori

Mat Friends Luke 5:17-26 illustrates the story of a paralyzed man whose friends carry him to Jesus for healing.
This narrative underscores the essential role of community in the journey towards healing and recovery.
Small groups offer a supportive environment where individuals can share their struggles and receive encouragement from fellow believers.
Through the collective effort and compassion of his friends, the paralyzed man experiences physical healing and spiritual transformation.
Similarly, in our small groups, we encounter the presence of Christ, finding restoration and freedom as we journey together in faith.
Join us this week as we explore the transformative power of small groups in bringing healing and recovery to our lives, uniting in faith to encounter the Master and receive His grace through the strength of community.

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