3/10/24 10am “Practical Ways to Abide in the Word”

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Pastor Mark

Join us this weekend for an enlightening session in our sermon series “Garden of the Heart” where we will explore “Practical Ways to Abide in the Word”.

This special event features a distinguished panel of speakers with Pastor Mike, Pastor Earl, Pastor Glenn, and Pastor Theresa, facilitated by Pastor Mark.

Dive deep into the heart of abiding with Jesus through His Word as our pastors share their personal experiences and practices for a life transformed by faith.

Have you ever wondered, “What should I read? How much should I read? How should I read it? What if I’m not getting anything from what I read?”

If these questions resonate with you, you won’t want to miss this unique gathering.

Our Pastor’s Panel hopes to provide practical answers and guidance to help you connect more deeply with the Word, ensuring that your spiritual journey is both fulfilling and transformative.

Prepare your hearts for a session filled with wisdom, insights, and practical advice on living a life anchored in the Word.

This is an opportunity to learn from the experiences of our pastors and find new ways to abide in Jesus.

Don’t miss out on this transformative event!

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