Today: “Kingdom Convos with Kids”

Children learn every day from the experiences that surround them. It is our responsibility as parents to assure that what they learn educates them for kingdom success. It begins at home. Join the Rosario family as they share in a panel discussion about cultivating God’s spiritual root to producing God’s spiritual fruit.

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Today: “RelationSHAPE!”

What shape is your relationship in? Did you know the Bible talks a lot about the kind of people we should date, healthy boundaries for couples, and how to set yourself up for a love that lasts? If you want to learn how to get your relationship in Kingdom Shape, join us for this week’s message.

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Career Connect Worskshops

Career Connect Worskshops with Author & Career Coach Cara Heilmann. These zoom calls are every Tuesday morning from 10-11 a.m. by invitation. These workshops would normally command a hefty fee…

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