2022 Holy Week Events

Join us for a week of celebrating our resurrected King with events designed around the whole family! See you there!

SEDER MEAL / LAST SUPPER, Thu, 4/14, 7 PM, Hope Center

This night commemorates the last meal of Jesus and the Apostles before His crucifixion. It’s a Jewish Feast that dates back to Moses and the Exodus, but as we know, Jesus adds layers of meaning to it that Moses could never have imagined. And Jesus said something very interesting about His Return and the end times. 

My prayer is that every New Hope family will gather around the dinner table and do a Shabbat meal like this EVERY WEEK as a powerful Spiritual Discipline. No registration needed.


This Good Friday our amazing Worship Team will usher us all into the Glory Realms once again as we celebrate and remember the Passion of Christ our King on the Cross. Registration recommended for smoother check in.


Special Service Times

Sat, 4/16, 5 PM, Sun, 4/17: 8 AM, 9:30 AM, 11 AM

Our Holy Week Festivities conclude by celebrating the most senses-shattering, most powerful event in human history, the Resurrection of Christ from the dead.

The Prophet Daniel gave us a timeline (Daniel 2) counting down from great ancient empires that would rise and fall: After Babylon, Persia would rise, then Greece, then Rome. Then during the Roman Empire, Daniel prophesied that One would rise as the King of kings, the Son of Man, and of His Kingdom and reign, there will be no end. Here we are today, 2,000 years later, and the Kingdom of Christ the King continues to expand throughout the world as the most powerful force for good on planet Earth.

Tell your friends! Let’s CELEBRATE the day it all began.

Pastor Rich

Loves buttons and the blues!

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  1. Kimi Sarroca-Shimabukuro

    Where do we sign up for the Seder Meal & Last Supper and Good Friday Worship Concert?

    1. admin

      No sign up for Seder meal.

      Worship concert will be available to register for on the Monday before.


      P. Rich

  2. Kimi

    Hi P. Rich,

    Please confirm that I do not have to sign up for Friday, Concert night. The reason why I am asking you to confirm, once again, is because a member said that, I do have to sign up. ??‍♀️

    1. admin

      Hi Kimi, as I mentioned above the Seder Meal does not require sign up, but we ARE asking people to register for the Worship Concert. If you show up without a registration it just makes it a little harder and a little slower for the check-in crew and greeters who will register you on the spot. Better to take care of that in advance.

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