40 Days Fast & Pray

At New Hope Central Oahu (NHCO), we always begin the New Year with 40 days of fasting and prayer. The whole Church does this together, and it begins this coming New Year’s Day, JANUARY 1 and ends on Feb 9.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t eat for 40 days. Think of it instead as a “Season of Prayer & Fasting,” i.e., we are postured and vigilant to “listen” for how the Father leads us to pray and fast during the 40 days.

In order to understand our heart behind this annual initiative, click here for a “Fast Teaching on Fasting.”

On the first of the new year, let’s put God first!  Let’s dedicate ourselves again to Him in the first 40 days through fasting and prayer.

Please join us for our 40 DAY FAST AND PRAY.

Spread the word and share the videos.

I can’t wait to see what amazing things God does in and through us in 2024!

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