I Have A Friend Who… (SURVEY)

Think of your friends who are not in church today.  What do you think is keeping them from coming to church?  Based on a survey of YOU, our own church folks, we will put these messages together.

Take the survey below and help us customize the next series to reach your friends and family where they’re at.

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  1. Mike

    I have a friend who claims to believe, has been saved, calls herself/himself Christian, probably prays in times of desperation, but declines invitations to church, does not read the Bible, does not seem to seek God except in times of need, and instead lives the worldly life.
    Perhaps they choose this “intentional ignorance” as a way of avoiding the Word and calling of God on their lives as it is easier say “I didn’t know,” than it is to openly disobey what we know God asks us to do.

  2. Paul Mitchell

    After we are saved by the grace of God, we are now to work out our salvation as Paul taught. We have already been justified so now we must be in the process of sanctification. To do this we must get into the word of God by reading scriptures, praying, attending a church to fellowship with other believers and by doing good works that glorify God. God meant us to enter heaven as flocks of sheep and not by being a bear or tiger.


    We are called and taught by Paul that we are to work out our salvation In order for the process of sanctification to begin in our lives, we must get into the scriptures, pray daily, attend church to fellowship with other believers and to worship God and to perform good works that glorify God.

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