W: 12/08/19: Elizabeth: The Friend

The 5 Christmases 2: Elizabeth: The Friend
Elizabeth had experienced her share of disappointment. She was used to people casting
sympathetic glances her way. But this Christmas everything would change. Discover how
one woman’s faith turned disappointment into His appointment

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W:Face to Face 11/24/19: Get Rid of It

Face to Face 4: Get Rid of It
Let’s face it, all of us have reservations when it comes to giving. What if I need this later?
What if I don’t have enough? What difference will my contribution make? What we see
in scripture is that Jesus isn’t concerned with the quantity of our giving but the quality of
our giving. Watch as an unnamed child’s “Face to face” encounter with Jesus leads to a
small sacrifice that becomes one of the greatest miracles ever known.

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W: Face to Face 11/17/19: Get Real With It

Face to Face 3: Get Real With It
Have you ever messed up so bad you felt you were unforgivable? All of us have areas of
our life that we feel disqualify us from God’s best. But though we all fall short, we are
still quick to point out the faults in others. The Bible says there is only One who is sinless; One who can judge. So how does Jesus respond to our deepest sin? Find out when
an adulterous woman has a “Face to face” encounter with Jesus.

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W: 11/03/19: “Face to Face 1: Get Over It”

Face to Face 1: Get Over It
Sometimes our “Face to face” encounter with Jesus doesn’t play out the way we antici- pate. What do we do when our breakthrough doesn’t come at the pace or place we ex- pect? Listen to one woman’s inspiring “Face to face” encounter to learn how to overcome disappointment and offense in order to experience a miracle.

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W:10/27/19: “Me to We”

We are in our final message in our series, Soulshift where we’ve covered seven shifts, changes, that God leads us through, in his power (that’s key) to make change in our life, from deep inside, so that we become different, looking and acting more and more like Jesus.

Me to You, Slave to Child, Seen to the Unseen, Consumer to Steward, Ask to Listen, Sheep to Shepherd, and finally tonight/today, Me to We

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